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This page provides insight into our photoshoot sessions, detailing the process, along with practical information about the location, cancellation policy and rescheduling procedures etc. 

Booking Practice

What kind of packages we offer?

We have different packages for solo travelers, couples, families, proposals, weddings, and more. To learn about these options, visit our booking page. If you need something special, just send us an email, and we'll help you out.

How could I pay ?

We accept various payment methods, including Apple Pay, iDeal, and major credit/debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay (银联), JCB, and more.

Do we charge traveling cost?

We do not charge travel costs for photoshoots in Amsterdam. For photoshoots outside of Amsterdam, the client pays a fixed amount of €50.

What will happen if the weather is bad ?

If weather conditions pose a safety concern, the photoshoot can be rescheduled to a different date or time, free of charge. A drizzle can add some different flavour to your Amsterdam photos and you can bring a stylish umbrella to help you. Alternatively, the photoshoot can be moved indoors.

Please note that clients must contact the photographer at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule the photoshoot. We will not issue a refund if clients are unable to participate in the photography session due to their own availability.

For example: Client A has a photoshoot scheduled for today, but the weather is bad. We offer new time slots for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. However, Client A has a morning flight to the USA the following day and cannot reschedule the photoshoot. In this case, we will not issue a refund.

How can I cancel/ reschedule my order?

To receive a full refund, cancel within 24 hours of booking or up to 4 days before your photoshoot is scheduled to start.

You can reschedule your photoshoot within 24 hours of booking or up to 2 days before your photoshoot is scheduled to start.

Cancellations and rescheduling will not be accepted if the client fails to meet the above deadline. No refunds will be issued.

You can cancel or reschedule by sending us emails (

When will I get my refund?

You will get your refund with 5 working days after the request has been approved.

During The Session

Do I get tips and tricks for posing?

Yes! Don’t worry about being awkward in front of the camera, our photographer will provide professional directions for posing, create a relaxing photoshoot session and make sure to make the best capture.

What if I am late for the session?

Please try to be on time.

If you are late within your photoshoot session and there is still time within your time slot, then we can continue with the photo shoot in the remaining time, and see if an extension is necessary.

If you are later than the finishing time of your session, the photo shoot will be considered as a ‘no show up’, and the photoshoot will not to be refundable either.

What if I want to bring my pet with me?

Of course! pets could be amazing props for the photos!

I want to make a group photoshoot for more than 5 people.

For groups of over 5 people, an additional charge of 20 euros will apply for each extra person, based on our family photography package. Please contact us via email ( to make a personalized photoshoot reservation.

Note: The rate for wedding bachelor parties will be based on our wedding photography package price.

Can I extend my session on location?

It depends on the availability of your assigned photographer after your photoshoot. If your photographer is available, you can extend your session for an additional charge based on the min/rate of your current package.


For example, if your current package costs €30 for 15 minutes, then the rate is €2/min. A 10-minute extension would cost €20.

You will receive a payment link within 24 hours after the photoshoot, and we will only start editing your pictures after receiving your payment.

Do I get outfit and makeup advices?

Yes! Amsterdam is a vibrant aesthetic city with changeable landscape color around the canal, each season has its own characteristic, feel free to contact us via email ( for outfit and makeup advices!

Can I change my outfits during the photoshoot session?

Yes, of course, you can change your outfits during the photoshoot session. Please note that the time spent changing outfits will not be paused or excluded from the total session time.

After the session 

When will I receive my photos?

You can find this information under the package details.

I accidentally deleted all my pictures, can I still receive them again?

You can download all of your pictures multiple times within 7 days from the day you receive our photo link. Please note that we do not keep clients' pictures for longer than 7 days due to privacy regulations.

Can I choose my favourite ones to edit?

‘Choose your favourite’ is exclusive to aesthetic photoshoot and wedding photoshoot. Our photographers will choose the best pictures for the clients to edit.

What if I want to have more stylish editing pictures ?

Stylised editing includes colour grading and lighting adjustments.

For more stylised editing, we charge 5 euro/photo and clients could have access to the all unedited pictures to select their favourites.

What if I want my pictures to be fine edited ?

Fine edit includes colour grading, lighting adjustments, facial adjustments and flaw removing.

For fine edit, we charge 15 euro/photo and clients could have access to the all unedited pictures to select their favourites.

Can I get all my unedited pictures ?

We strive to maintain high-quality standards and typically do not provide raw images directly to our clients. However, upon request, we can offer raw image packages based on the duration of the session booked by the client:

  • Solo and Couple Packages:

    • 15-minute session: €25 for approximately 50-60 raw images

    • 30-minute session: €45 for approximately 90-100 raw images

    • 45-minute session: €65 for approximately 130-140 raw images

  • For packages other than those mentioned, please contact us directly for a personalised price quote.

  • How This Works: 

    • Please first contact your photographer to discuss your request. The photographer will then send you a payment link. Once we receive the payment, we will prepare the raw images and deliver them to you.

What if I don’t want my pictures to be used by 21's Light Spot ?

Input “no” under “If we could post your pictures on our social media” when booking.

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